New Jersey Traffic Attorney

Protect Your Driver’s License!

Mr. Sliwinski, Esq. concentrates his practice in the field of Traffic Law and DWI defense. He is committed to providing you with a solid legal defense for all types of tickets, traffic violations, and for DWI related charges. He has more than twenty-six years of experience in the business!

The bottom line is that having a driver’s license is a valuable privilege in today’s world. You should not take your legal right to have a driver’s license for granted. Therefore, it is critically important that a driver must take all measures to protect his legal rights! There are many drastic legal consequences if you are issued traffic tickets or other citations.

These legal consequences are as follows:

  • Heavy fines
  • Dreaded points
  • License suspensions
  • Massive insurance surcharges
  • In some extreme cases a jail sentence

The MVC or a Municipal Court can make your life miserable by suspending or revoking your driver’s license. Therefore, don’t take a chance with driver’s license, and hire the New Jersey Traffic Law Center.

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