Improper Turn at a Traffic Signal

A driver is guilty of making an improper left or right turn at a traffic signal when he or she fails to turn with proper care on the green light. The driver could also commit this offense if he or she turns right when facing a red light without coming to a full stop and yielding to all pedestrians and traffic traveling in the direction in which the turn will be made. A driver can also be convicted if he makes a right turn on a red light at an intersection that has a sign posted prohibiting such a turn. The fines are $52 to $202. The driver will be assessed three points.

New Jersey law permits motorists to make a right turn at a red light after coming to a full stop, unless a No Turn on Red sign is posted. Yield to all oncoming traffic and pedestrians before turning right at a red light. Look for difficult-to-see vehicles, such as bicycles and mopeds, which may have a green light.

Always use a proper turn signal at lease 100 feet before making any turn. Cancel the signal after the turn is complete.