Out of State? You may not need to return to New Jersey

Traffic tickets from the state of New Jersey are expensive. You may think that your only choice is to pay up and suffer a possible increase in auto insurance that may result. Don’t give up hope! You may have numerous defenses against alcohol related tickets and other traffic violations.

You may think that as an out-of-state motorist, the consequences of your New Jersey tickets will not follow you to your home state. You are dead wrong! An administrative action may be taken against your driver’s license by your own state DMV as the result of a traffic violation in New Jersey, if you fail to take care of them.

Do you foolishly believe that a DWI offense,  or any other license suspension in New Jersey, won’t affect your legal right to drive in your new home state? Wrong again! If you lose your license in New Jersey, then your new home state may take your license away once you get home.

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Truckers beware! If you receive a DWI or other serious traffic violation in New Jerysey, your own state will take the same action against your license as New Jersey courts. This applies to all commercial and most non-commercial licenses!


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